Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Around....

Life gets busy sometimes. I've been traveling and working, and I'll be posting a lot more here soon. Meanwhile, here's a peek from band rehearsal. We're playing the LA Marathon March 18, and some more shows this summer. See you there!

Working on it... from Eddie Rivera on Vimeo.


chris mcdermott said...

Just posted on Facebook that I'd love to track down the guy who turned me on to Marshall Crenshaw and voila google, and here you are. recognized you immediately, gray hair and all. this all started with downloading "Fantastic Planet of Love" this morning...Hope you are well. Been a long long time. I live retired in Tucson now. recovering from 2 back surgeries so spending a lot of time watching movies and keeping my feet up, lovely parting gifts from 37 days in the hospital were 2 blood clots in left leg, so life semi-stinks right now. Just stopped using walker, for the main reason that September brings a Total Shoulder Replacement (hey, good name for a band...) anyways,
what a riot to find you.
I'm at missliberty108@aol.com
Chris McDermott. (if you remember)

Eddie Rivera said...

I left you a message at your AOL address. ;)