Sunday, August 17, 2008

Somewhere over Mt. Washington

Two years ago this summer, having just moved to this apartment atop Mt. Washington, I was happily watching a Dodger game on a lazy summer evening a lot like this one. The clock was pushing 9:30, someone's idiot dog was barking,and the Dodgers were losing.

"I have to get off the field before the fireworks begin," the announcer said.

"Fireworks?" Hmm, I like fireworks. I strolled up Avenue 37 in the direction of Kite Hill, and sat down on a guard rail to watch the show. A couple approached, each of them carrying a glass of wine.

You're the first one," the gentleman said. When I looked at him like he was vaguely deranged, he said, "We usually gather here when there's fireworks at Dodger Stadium." Eventually over the next twenty minutes or so, about a dozen people walked up and we all watched the show.

Tonight, looking across Cypress Park and the Golden State Freeway, the skies were lit again. Here's the finale, though kinda blurry.

Meanwhile,I think this is my new online home here, kids. If you're new around here, welcome. If you've drifted over like a distressed sailboat from the Montreal or Madrid blogs, well, I'm the same guy. Since I can't necessarily account for where I'm going to be over the next six months and beyond, this seems like a nice place to park for now. The view is nice, the music is pretty good, but man, those fireworks are loud.

Coming August 26: Guy In The World goes to Rock and Roll Day Camp. The thin line between dude and dork gets sliced even thinner.

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